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Caclific Shoulder
Your body has amazing power to self-heal. Sometimes it just needs a helping hand. Click here to find a local Therapist
Causes of a Frozen Shoulder

Healthy Sleep

Healthy sleep is a vital factor in the body's process of recovery. We have some tips and ideas that could help!

Since the pain is what’s keeping you awake, you will probably want to try some of the pain medications mentioned earlier, as well as a heat and ice pack.


Diagnosis of your shoulder condition

Regular Exercise

You might not feel like exercising, but it's probably the best way to help your rotator cuff to heal. Read our full guide to exercise for recovery.

Exercise is aimed at strengthening the muscles and tendons and improving flexibility within the shoulder joint.



Pain Management

If you have shoulder arthritis, you need a pain management strategy. There may be more options than you think!

Heat or ice therapy: Put a heat or ice pack on the area for 20-30 minutes. Repeat this 3 or 4 times a day, and your pain and inflammation should decrease.


I can already feel a shift happening after just one session and one day of doing exercises Again, many thanks.

I know that healing my shoulder will indeed be speedy now that I have found the right approach for me."

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